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SS Great Britain

Working in partnership with the SS Great Britain 3 of our learners had the fantastic opportunity to be Volunteer Crew members of staff.  Our learners participated in an induction programme to familiarise themselves with the ship, some key facts (which they in fact already knew!!) and all things health and safety.  Every Thursday the crew would arrive to work wearing their uniform; a red SS Great Britain crew member t-shirt and black trousers.  The tasks for the day were presented clearly at the beginning of each shift.  The activities involved participating with guests and tourists so they could learn more about the ship.  Activities included quoits, scrubbing the deck, coal shovelling and riveting to name some!!  On the last session our learners were able to invite the rest of their class members and their families to the ship; to showcase all their hard work and to give them a tour of the ship!