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Late/absence information




The school will only authorise for holidays in exceptional circumstances. We will assess each request on an individual basis, considering any special circumstance of which you make us aware.


If a parent/carer takes their child out of school without permission being granted, this will count as an 'unauthorised absence' on the student’s attendance record. Four (4) or more days unauthorised absence can lead to a £50 penalty notice being issued.


We understand some parents have no choice about when to take holidays. However, the law requires attendance at school and many parents are not aware it is not a parental right to take children out of school during term time.


Every school day counts and any absence from school will result in lost learning and a risk of underachievement.


There are 14 weeks of the year during which the school is closed.


A leave of absence form must be completed if you would like to take your child(ren) out of school during term time.


If agreement for leave is given, it will be shown on the student's record and this will count as an 'authorised absence'.


Please click below to download a student leave of absence form or ask in the school office.