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Admission statement

New Fosseway School admits pupils with severe learning difficulties who may have additional needs such as Autism and/or physical or medical needs. All pupils have an EHCP . We cater for pupils from Reception to Year 14 (age4 to age 19).


For all age groups:

If you are interested in your child attending New Fosseway, please contact the school office on 0117 9030220 so we can arrange for you to visit the school. 


If, following the visit, you would like to request a place at New Fosseway, please contact Susan Loader who works in the Special Educational Needs Service at Bristol City Council as an Inclusion Manager. Sue can be contacted on 0117 9223700 or (If you live outside of the Bristol area, please contact the SEN Service at your home Council).


The Local Authority and New Fosseway School then enter into a consultation and the SEN Service will let you know the outcome.


When oversubscribed, it is the Local Authorities decision who to place at New Fosseway.