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Work Experience at New Fosseway



Jo, our Transitions Coordinator organises work experience for our pupils in Post 16.  Aspirations are discussed as part of ongoing Annual Review meetings as well as in class when pupils are learning about employability.  Jo links up with local providers to organise meaningful work experience placements that are fully supported by our members of staff.  Additionally, in school work placements are organised for pupils who may not be ready to go into the wider community. Placements are flexible and can vary from once a week for several weeks, a block week placement or a one off opportunity.  Where possible travel training is incorporated into the placement, such as identifying bus routes and learning the pick up and drop off points.  We receive great feedback from employers which leads to their continued support, it is also gives opportunity for us to encourage more disability friendly practice within organisations. 


If you are interested in becoming a work experience provider or would like more information please get in touch.



Tel: 01179030220 ext 2067