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Curriculum Intent and Implementation

New Fosseway Curriculum


New Fosseway Curriculum is a rich web of knowledge providing the capacity for pupils to learn even more and develop their understanding to the best of their ability from their given starting points. The overall aims of our curriculum are for all pupils to be confident learners and have a positive attitude both in and out of school. They will develop communication, self-help, self-care skills and safety awareness appropriate to their needs. They will attain knowledge and understanding and become active citizens who meaningfully participate in their community. They will attain skills in employability, vocational and travel training appropriate to their needs and achieve relevant qualifications and experience in the work place if they are able to do so.


Various curriculums provide the fame work for what the pupils/students are to be taught, the teachers provide the pedagogy.

  • F upto and including Year 1 Early Learning Goals
  • Year 2-Year 9 National curriculum
  • Year 10/11 Equals/National accreditations
  • Post 16 Park /work experience/life skills

End of Key stage objectives

What is taught in each year group

What is taught in each lesson


The Optimal Learning Maps highlight the best way a pupil/student will learn


EHCPs will demonstrate the overall impact on the individual. The use of B2 as an assessment tool will reflect individual’s progression. Contact with parents/therapists will show achievement and progress of the individual