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Work Experience at New Fosseway



Joanne, our Transitions Coordinator organises work experience for our older students.  Aspirations are discussed as part of ongoing Annual Review meetings as well as in class when students are learning about employability.  Joanne links up with local providers to organise meaningful work experience placements that are fully supported by our members of staff.  Additionally, in school work placements are organised for students who may not be ready to go into the wider community. Placements are flexible and can vary from once a week for several weeks, a block week placement or a one off opportunity.  Where possible travel training is incorporated into the placement, such as identifying bus routes and learning the pick up and drop off points.  We receive great feedback from employers which leads to their continued support, it is also gives opportunity for us to encourage more disability friendly practice within organisations. 


If you are interested in becoming a work experience provider or would like more information please get in touch.



Tel: 01179030220 ext 2103 

Hartcliffe Nursing Home

This year two of our learners did a joint work experience placement at Hartcliffe Nursing Home; one a returning student.  This shows how well she did the first time round and supports the continuation of her long term goals.  Both students were supported by  a member of our staff but their independence shone through from travelling to and from the home to being part of the working team.  Our learners enjoyed socialising with the elderly people in the home, designed and took part in leisure activities and supported at meal times.  Both are looking forward to returning in the new school year!

Cocoa Hair Design

During Term 6 one of our learners did a 4 week work placement at Cocoa Hair Salon in Keynsham.  Duties including greeting and gowning clients, serving tea and coffee, supporting stylists by passing perm rollers and hair foils, replenishing stock, decanting shampoos and conditioners and keeping the salon clean, tidy and presentable.  Our learner was fortunate enough to be treated to having her done prior to the Leaver's Prom.

Premier Inn

Throughout Term 5, three of our learners have been doing supported work at the Premier Inn in the city centre.  As members of the team, all learners arrive to work wearing the full working uniform.  The job roles include front house reception and housekeeping.  Our learners have been meeting and greeting guests, checking guests in and out of their rooms, dealing with enquiries, following health and safety procedures and keeping the guest rooms and suites clean and tidy.   


Throughout Term 5 two of our learners who are working towards a qualification in construction at The Park, are attending a work experience placement with Skanska at a local secondary school.  For one of our learners it is his second year of taking on a work experience placement with Skanska, though this time it is in a different educational setting.  This gives chance for him to develop his skills whilst applying them in a different provision.  Once completing a task or job, the learners have to complete the relevant paper work including job cards.  

Bridge Learning Campus Phase One

Learners in Post 16 welcomed children from Bridge Learning Campus' Blue class to our cafe.  Blue class are a reception aged class of children.  Each child had 50p to spend in the cafe.  Before the children arrived our learners prepared and baked some oat and raisin cookies.  Learners then served each child, a table at a time.  Everyone bought a cookie and could choose to have orange or apple juice.  Our learners served, took payments at the till, cleaned up the tables and a few spillages along the way! We can't wait to have Blue class back again!

Bristol Zoo

One of our learners in Post 16 accessed a work placement with Bristol Zoo after completing an application form.  For six weeks, every Friday morning was spent with the Education Section's Animal Technician to complete animal husbandry tasks such as routine feeding and cleans, weighing animals and administration duties. Our learner is currently completing an Animal Care course at The Park Centre, this opportunity has enabled him to transfer the skills he has been developing in to a real working life environment. 

Set Design with Flamingo Chicks and Bristol Blue Glass

Bibbity bobbity boo!!  Term 3 saw two of our Learners work with the fabulous Flamingo Chicks in a set design art project.  Our learners researched and designed their own back drops for the upcoming Cinderella production.  Budgeting skills were very important, our learners produced a shopping list of the materials they would need and visited Hobbycraft in the local community to purchase what was needed. They then worked with Iona, a local artist to help transfer their initial designs on to the large back drops.   Our learners were fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with Bristol Blue Glass to make some special props for the show.   In Term 5 all the hard work paid off; the scene of the Flamingo Chicks Spring Show was down to the creative work produced on the placement.  Pictures below! Thank you to Miss Natalie and Flamingo Chicks!

Bristol Rugby Community Foundation- The Spectrum Project

A group of KS4 Learners  took part in the Disability Journalism Programme (DJP).  The DJP is a 5 week programme run in full partnership with Bristol Rugby Club. The programme is run off-site at Ashton Gate Stadium, and supported by Bristol Rugby first team players.  Learners are given the opportunity to develop game analysis and report writing skills, before participating in an "access-all-areas" Bristol Rugby match-day experience; observing pre-match build-up, interviewing players and posting game updates online through official social-media channels.


Additionally, with the support of the BRCF and The Spectrum Project some of our Post 16 learners volunteer on match days during their own time and out of school hours.   This is a great opportunity for our learners to expand upon their local community travel training and social skills.  As part of their work experience, our learners are part of a working team environment and interact with the crowd before, during and after kick off by handing out Bristol Rugby flags and flyers as well as help with promotional events. 



The Bird Nest Cafe 

The Bird Nest cafe is our student run cafe in the Post 16 Vocational Centre.  Matt, our Catering Manager supports our learners in preparing and making delicious meals that we sell to visitors and staff.  We cater for school events and charity events such as our craft fayres, school discos and Children in Need.  The cafe is also home to our popular parent and carer coffee mornings, where our learners serve guest speakers, family and friends.  Not only do our learners take on the practical skills involved in cooking, they also learn about healthy eating, balanced diets, food storage and preparation, recycling, shopping for ingredients, health and safety, food hygiene, cleaning and customer service, all of which contribute to the day to day running of the cafe.  Our learners have recently set up a 'Coffee Run' service which involved creating an order form which they deliver, collect and sort to then be able to serve around the school.  Our learners especially like it when younger classes in the school make a visit to the cafe for a drink and snack.

Imperial Park

A group of our learners researched the difference between retail and service jobs in the local community. They then discussed the types of jobs found within each establishment before choosing two to visit. Luke, Front of House at Pizza Hut gave a real insight into what his job involves. We discussed the importance of being polite and well-mannered to customers, being observant, the cleaning duties involved and the role of the manager, chefs, security and waiters/waitresses. We were also lucky to speak to the manager in Peacocks, a fashion shop. The manager told us about the tasks involved in her job including the ‘behind the scenes’ work such as deliveries, administration and orders which are not noticeable on the shop floor. A Personal Trainer in DW Sports gym gave us a tour of the gym and explained the different roles such as receptionist, fitness instructors, cleaners and the membership team.

Flamingo Chicks

Flamingo Chicks have teamed up with learners from the VC. Every Tuesday during Term 2, two of our learners attended work experience after school at the Flamingo Chicks dance class which takes place in Henleaze between 4:30 and 6:30pm. Our learners were able to put their employability skills into practice by being punctual, wearing the correct uniform and working as part as a team. The two roles our learners took on were, dance teacher assistant and front of house assistant. Our learners completed tasks such as helping complete risk assessments, meeting and greeting dancers and their families, taking orders for refreshments using a set budget, making and serving refreshments, demonstrating dance moves and techniques, supporting other dancers and assisting with the advertising of the Flamingo Chicks Birthday/Christmas event as well as work at the event itself. We would like to say a big thank you to Flamingo Chicks for their continued support!  

KS5 students have completed work experience in a wide variety of placements including Hartcliffe Library, The Park Cafe, Knowle, Children's Hospice Southwest Shop and Halo Hair Salon. Students are learning valuable employability skills like following instructions, completing tasks set by less familiar adults and asking for help or more work as appropriate. Most importantly students are really enjoying their placement, which is evident in their enthusiasm, commitment and raised self-esteem!