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 Walking Fest 27th April 2017

Post 16 Ramblers

Some Post 16 students took part in the Bristol Walking for Health Walking Festival. This involved traveling down to College Green on a public bus which our students are excellent at now from their travel training this year. Once there, we meet up with Kelly Thesis and she gave us directions for the morning- to walk 5 laps of College Green! Our students all completed the challenge, with some of the faster learners managing 6 laps! Team Fosseway were able to work and walk as independently as possible to get this walking job done! Well done Team Fosseway Walkers!

Construction Mannequin Challenge!

Still image for this video
This term, learners who are studying construction at The Park have been looking into Health and Safety in the workshop or on a construction site. They have particularly been looking into different hazards within the workshop.

The learners thought it would be a good and fun idea to do a hazard mannequin challenge! From slips, trips and some very dodgy balancing the students managed to hold their poses well (give or take a couple of wobbles!)

Can you spot the hazards the learners are getting themselves into?

(Note: no learners were injured during this mannequin challenge!)

#theparkknowle #newfossewayschool

The Chefs' Forum- 'A Bristol Culinary Convention'

Matt’s Monday catering group visited the The Chefs' Forum event- 'A Bristol Culinary Convention' held at the Marriott Bristol Royal and were fortunate enough to have a tour of the hotel kitchen by the Executive Chef Enrico Luise. Our learners were given the opportunity to meet other students from local colleges who were involved in the production of the canapés that were being served.  We also got to watch some cooking demonstrations from leading Chefs in Bristol as well as meet leading suppliers in the trade.

Learners who study sports coaching at The Park on a Friday, have been given the opportunity to go sailing! This includes, canoeing, power boating and sailing.

After a very cold start, the learners got involved in paddling and soon warmed up. 

The learners were at first a bit nervous, but then with a bit of encouragement they all got stuck in and loved every minute! 

The P16 Christmas Fayre 


Students in P16 have been busily preparing for their annual Christmas Fayre. They have made a wide range of gifts to sell as part of their Asdan Mini-enterprise unit. The learners have designed posters to advertise and they have researched material costs as part of the project. The products look beautiful and students are hoping to raise enough money to be able to buy a soft drink as part of their Christmas meal out at a local restaurant! Here is a sneak preview of students setting up the fayre!

The P16 Christmas Fayre!

The P16 Christmas Fayre! 1
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 2
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 3
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 4
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 5
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 6
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 7
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 8
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 9
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 10
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 11
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 12
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 13
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 14
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 15
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 16
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 17
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 18
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 19
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 20
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 21
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 22
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 23
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 24
The P16 Christmas Fayre! 25



Have you seen the amazing tree New Fosseway Post 16 students have made for the Treefest exhibition at St. Mary Redcliffe Church?  The chocolate bars have all been donated by the students and staff of New Fosseway. After Treefest is finished, all the chocolate bars will be given to charity.  If you can't get to St. Mary Redcliffe to see Treefest, here is a sneaky peek at our tree!

Picture 1

We Won


On Sunday 4th December Flamingo Chicks had their birthday/Christmas party- Yassin was able to attend and assisted at the event.  As part of the event some of our students in Post 16 designed and baked a cake with Matt for a 'Bake Off' style competition.


Drum roll please..................we won!  Yassin looked after our prize over the weekend (our Star Baker wooden spoon!)  Huge thanks to Paula for the safe transportation of the cake!

Picture 1
Picture 2

The students in the VC were visited recently by a fashion stylist from Flamingo Foundation, who brought in lots of the latest fashions to share with us. The stylist helped students to make choices about their favourite fashions and to develop their ideas by making a trends mood board. Our students enjoyed sharing their favourite clothes from home and presenting their mood boards to the group at the end of the session. We have some very style-conscious young people who know what they like in the world of fashion!