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Work Experience

Swift class have been working at the bush for our work experience. we have  chopped trees painted benches and painted fresh plants by Troy. 
Swift class have made several trips to the driving range. We have practiced and improved our technique leading to improved distance in our play. We have developed our accuracy as well, learning how to focus and hit specific targets and distances. 

Adaptive Martial Arts

Swift Class enjoyed a session of Adaptive Martial Arts. We learned how to break out of headlocks and how to use techniques safely. 
Swift class (and select students from the VC) have begun to up-cycle and improve old furniture as part of our ASDAN qualification. We have learned how to use the equipment, paints and brushes and we have even sold two pieces!  

Children In Need

Carving Pumpkins

Swift Class Visit the Gym

Swift Cooking

Swift class have been cooking our lunches on Tuesdays this term. We have been focusing on Pasta dishes and preparing desserts. We have enjoyed learning about how to use implements and utensils independently too.