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Welcome to Swan

Welcome to Swan 1

Term one 

In term one swan class explored the coast.  They learnt about the animals they can find at the beach and what activities people enjoy doing when they visit the seaside!  They have enjoyed creating their own coast in class and investigating what there might be at the beach.

Exploring the coast

We have also been encountering sound.  We have learnt that sound travels in waves and that it sound is a vibration.  We learnt this through a series of experiments and investigations.  We made phones using string and cups and we put rice on a drum to watch the vibrations happen.  We used blindfolds and our friends made noises; we listened to see if we could walk towards the noise, it was very tricky!

Term two

In term 2 swans have started to explore light.  We have looked at natural light and man-made light.  We looked around the school to look at what light we might use during our daily lives.

Term three


In literacy key stage 3 have been looking at Shakespeare and in particular Midsummer nights dream.  As part of this we went to St. Fagans and looked at tudor houses that Shakespeare may have lived in.  We all decided that we would rather live in our houses now!

Term four


This term Swan class went to Bristol zoo as a part of science week.  We looked at different animals a we also got to be part of an animal encounter.  We met a cockroach, a stick insect and a snake!  Some of us touched the animals and some of us didn't want to (some of the adults!)