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Team games

Swan Class started the term with team games, working together in different activities. They had lots of fun and enjoyed playing with their peers in different classes too. It involved passing a balloon between their legs, over and under games and VI (Visual Impairment) games. The children wore blind-folds and had to work together to get around the classroom safely.

Polish Day
Key Stage 3 have started looking at Poland and have been making polish pastries, practicing polish dance and creating polish art. They all had lots of fun and became very involved in the different activities.
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Swan class have been exploring different materials and ways in which they are able to separate materials when they are mixed together. Swan class came up with the separation techniques of using water, a spoon, their hands or a sieve. They had lots of fun experimenting and working in small groups to find the best technique for each material.


They discovered water was a good technique when separating a material that floats to a material that sinks but found it wasn't always the best form. 



History 1

Key Stage 3 have been comparing school life in the Victorian times to now. They were all checked before they entered the classroom for clean hands and were instructed where to sit. There was no talking and each child had a black sheet of paper with chalk to work on. If anyone was silly then the Dunce hat was used in the corner of the classroom.

Key Stage 3 really enjoyed this session, they were able to understand the differences in comparison to today and a Victorian school.