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This term in history we have been looking at transportation to Australia.

We have experienced a role play of the transporting to Australia on a boat, being huddled together and being fed limited amount of food. The children really engaged in the experience.

We have also explored the different cities of Australia and looked at aboriginal art. The students each chose the colours they wanted to use and had a stencil to help them with an aboriginal pattern. Using thier fingers they created beautiful pictures indepedently.

Creative Arts Week

This week in Swan Class for Creative arts week we have been creating a mini-beast. As a class we chose a ladybird and have used many materials such as cardboard, newspaper, mod rock, paper mache and sensory materials to build the sculpture. 

The pupils really enjoyed finding the materials, creating the mini-beast and are all proud of the outcome which will be displayed in the Create centre.

Swan class was given the opportunity to experience fencing. They were taught how to stand, the direction in which they need to move and the reasons for each piece of equipment. The pupils all really enjoyed the experience and had great fun fencing with each other. They were all a natural.


Science 1
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This term Swan class have been looking at how plants germinate and what they need to survive. They worked with each other to plant a seed in a flower pot and then a bean seed in a bag on the window. The pupils will be observing the seeds to watch how they grow differently in these conditions. 

Blaise Castle - History Trip

Blaise Castle - History Trip 1
Key Stage 3 visited Blaise Castle, the students explored the estate. We made our way up the muddy, rocky path through the woods. After looking around the castle, we made our way back down via a dark, spooky cave which the students really enjoyed. We finished the day with a picnic in the sunshine and a play in the park.


We have been learning about Medieval times in History this term, how the people used to dress and their lifestyles. The children have been exploring the different materials that they may have worn and trying them on. We have also tried Medieval dancing, working in 2 groups and choreographing dance routines.



This term in art we have been exploring Animation, different forms of animation and how they are made. 
The students have been working in pairs and have thought about and created their own animation storyboards. They worked together to make their background image and used objects (animals and people) to record their animation.


This term in ICT we have been looking at using instructions to control different items/objects. The children have been using the beebots within school to give directional instructions to move them around a course on the floor. They all enjoyed using them and became more confident and specific with the instructions they provided. Swan class also worked with the computers to instruct a maze game and a remote control robot to move around the class.


Geography 1
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This week in Swan class we have been looking at the water cycle and exploring where rain comes from, and what happens to it when it lands on different surfaces. 

Swan class have all had a great first week back, getting involved in group discussions and playing well with each other. This term we are focusing on improving our reading, speaking and listening.


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Swan class really enjoyed the run up to Christmas. We decorated the classroom with a Christmas tree , met Santa and each received a present and participated in the Key Stage 3 Carol Service.

Swan Class looked at the Caribbean and how the different islands celebrate Christmas. The pupils all contributed to creating the props for our carol service which involved jellyfish lanterns and carnival masks. It was a great success!

Greek Day

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Key Stage 3 have been learning Greek as their language of the term. They have been responding to the register in Greek each day and on Friday 24th they made Greek orange cookies, looked at Greek clothing and practised Greek dancing. All the children really enjoyed these activities and all participated well.


History 1

Key Stage 3 have been comparing school life in the Victorian times to now. They were all checked before they entered the classroom for clean hands and were instructed where to sit. There was no talking and each child had a black sheet of paper with chalk to work on. If anyone was silly then the Dunce hat was used in the corner of the classroom.

Key Stage 3 really enjoyed this session, they were able to understand the differences in comparison to today and a Victorian school.


Swan class have been exploring different materials and ways in which they are able to separate materials when they are mixed together. Swan class came up with the separation techniques of using water, a spoon, their hands or a sieve. They had lots of fun experimenting and working in small groups to find the best technique for each material.


They discovered water was a good technique when separating a material that floats to a material that sinks but found it wasn't always the best form. 


Polish Day
Key Stage 3 have started looking at Poland and have been making polish pastries, practicing polish dance and creating polish art. They all had lots of fun and became very involved in the different activities.
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Team games


Swan Class started the term with team games, working together in different activities. They had lots of fun and enjoyed playing with their peers in different classes too. It involved passing a balloon between their legs, over and under games and VI (Visual Impairment) games. The children wore blind-folds and had to work together to get around the classroom safely.

Term 3