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Meet the new Swallows!

Swallow Class 2017-2018

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Swallow Class 2017-2018 2
Swallow Class 2017-2018 3
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Swallows Get Healthy


Some of Swallow Class have been learning about being healthy. They looked at healthy foods and designed their own fruit smoothies. The students went shopping for the ingredients and then made their personal smoothies which tasted delicious!

Healthy Smoothies!

Swallow class really enjoyed taking part in sports day this year. They all had a go at the egg and spoon race, a football race, a water race, an obstacle race, football shootout, beanbag throwing and a relay race! They all gave it their best effort and got lots of stickers to prove it!

In Swallow Class we have been learning about using different IT in the community. Today we were using the self-service tills and learning about using a cash point. 8th May 2017

Making green ribbons for Positive Mental Health Week from the 8th - 14th May 2017 - we made them in class on the 5th May 2017

Making the green ribbons for Postitive Mental Health Week. 

Hello from Swallow Class!!

Hello from Swallow Class!! 1
Hello from Swallow Class!! 2
Hello from Swallow Class!! 3
Hello from Swallow Class!! 4
Hello from Swallow Class!! 5
Hello from Swallow Class!! 6
Hello from Swallow Class!! 7
Hello from Swallow Class!! 8
Hello from Swallow Class!! 9
Hello from Swallow Class!! 10
Hello from Swallow Class!! 11
Hello from Swallow Class!! 12

Today is 'Blue Monday', the most depressing day of the year, apparently.


However, this doesn't have to be the case. What if we all started a chain of good deeds to make Blue Monday more Yellow?


Here are a few simple ideas for good deeds you could do in the next 24hours: 

- Message a genuine compliment to three people
- Buy a sandwich for a homeless person
- Email someone who made a difference in your life to say Thank You
- Befriend an elderly person
- Bring cake, cookies or healthy treats to work to share with colleagues


In class, we are challenging the students to pay 3 genuine compliments to others today.

You can find a more extensive list on the helpfulpeeps blog post here.

They'd love to hear what you get up to so you can share your good deeds with them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #YellowMonday hashtag if you want to.


Monday 16 January 2017

Swallow timetable terms 3 and 4

Swallow timetable terms 3 and 4 1

Swallow's Term 1 and 2 timetable

Swallow's Term 1 and 2 timetable 1
Swallow's Term 1 and 2 timetable 2
A couple of students from swallow class have chosen to study childcare at The Park this year. It has involved wearing a baby bump, so the students know what it is like to carry a baby full term. They have also been looking at how to dress a baby for winter and how to bath a baby. Charlee has really enjoyed starting this course with her fellow peer Beth. They have both shown great enthusiasm to the start of the course.