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School Council

School council meet once a term to discuss any important issues that have arisen over the term that relate to the pupils every day school life. School council also meet on special occasions to represent the school to parent’s, members of the public and special guests. Often Shan or other members of senior leadership team will ask for a certain topic to be discussed during school council meets to gain council members feedback and allow the students to make their own decision on important school issues.  So far this year school council have met to discuss healthy eating, they came up with a list of healthy foods that classes can have during snack time and a list of unhealthy options that each class should avoid. They spent time looking over the school prospectus and added in the important changes to the school this year, such as; new classes, wake and shake each morning and important activities that take place within each key stage.  School council also met with parents and special invited guests for the grand opening of our new school library. Council members welcomed visitors and were the first to explore the new library and its new resources. 


Our School Council is made up by a representative from each of our classes, they all wear a red shield shaped badge which says 'New Fosseway School Council'.






Term 5 - Outcome of School Council Meeting

The School Council met recently to discuss both class names for September and Healthy Schools Week. The School Council voted between Birds and Trees as decided by the Senior Leadership Team. The vote fell in favour of 7 votes for Birds, to 4 votes for Trees-so class names form September will be the names of Birds! We even began to make lists of names and draw some ideas too!


The School Council also listed activities that the students would like to try during healthy Schools Week. Bethany made a list-including trampolining, relaxing, cricket, cooking, cleansing and moisturizing!


Thank you Councillors!


Terms 3 & 4

The School Council have met twice already this term, and have published their New Playground Rules, encouraging all their peers to show the same standard of behaviour across all age and ability ranges. The Council have also decided on the "Five Star Values" that all New Fosseway Students strive to be. If they're polite, helpful, kind, sensible and hard working then you know they're a New Fosseway student!


Click here to see what the Student Council decided were Playground DO's


Click here to see what the Student Council decided were Playground DONT's


Click here to view the Student Council's Five Star Values


In terms 3 and 4 the school council have worked to improve the variety of lunchtime clubs available. Having decided on what clubs they would like to offer to their classes-a questionnaire was passed by the Councillors to all classes across the school. From this we were able to ascertain what new clubs or increased opportunities the students would like to see.


From here the Council invited Nicola, our new SMSA Supervisor, to attend a School Council meeting and help to set-up some of these new clubs. We now have a new Sewing Club, as well as the Lower School Art Club running again and a new Upper School art club on the horizon too! The council aim to have a club every day of the week by the end of term 5!