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Robin Class

Meet The Robins!

We are Robin Class. We are all 16-19 years old. We are based in the new Vocational Centre for some of our time at school where we study functional skills which will prepare us for adulthood. For two mornings a week, we study vocational courses either in our catering kitchen onsite or we go offsite to The Park in Knowle to study a range of courses including Childcare, Animal Care, Construction and Sports Coaching. We are very busy people!!

Meet The students in Robin Class

Robin Class went to SPACE Art Gallery this week to set up the postcard art exhibition of work made by New Fosseway learners in collaboration with Kings Weston, Briarwood and Claremont Schools. The students worked hard to arrange and pin all the art work up as well as organise the chalk boards and prepare for the opening evening. The exhibition looked great and all of the participates should be very proud!

Class Visit to the Create Centre 8th May. 

Robin Class Go Safety Mad!

Robin Class visited the Life Skills Centre at Create. They have been learning about personal safety at home and in the community. They had to find dangers in each of the locations at the centre and suggest ways of staying safe which included different rooms around the house, a train line, an electricity sub-station and a dark scary alley. Our learners were awarded a Life Skills Detective Certificate for all their hard work!

Timetable Terms 5 & 6

Robins students have learnt about sculpture in term 3 and 4. They looked at different types of sculpture and the materials used. The learners focused on Giacometti, an Italian sculptor. They made a figurative sculpture in the style of Giacometti. Students explored new materials including wire sculpture and Mod-roc. Their finished sculptures are brilliant!

Robins Get Arty!

Some students studied the work of Picasso and Braque and Cubist portraits. They explored making Cubist portraits using a computer programme called 'Picasso Heads' and then they developed their own portraits using paint, collage and clay. The results are super!

Timetable Terms 3 & 4

Robins Visit to Cardiff March 2017

Robin class went on the train to Cardiff. The learners had to find which platform their train went from and they had to use their tickets to get through the ticket barrier at Temple Meads Station.


On the train, they relaxed, read the free newspapers and waited for the guard to check their tickets. Once we got to Cardiff, the hard work began! Students had written instructions to find different places in the city. They had to read and follow the instructions carefully.

Once they found a place, they had to take a photo to prove they had been there. It involved some great teamwork!


The learners rewarded themselves with a tasty lunch at Burger King!


Valentine's Disco Badge-Making!

February 2017

Robin Class have been designing and making badges to sell at the school Valentine’s Disco on Thursday 9th February. The whole class used the internet to find romantic pictures and made some stunning designs. Faiza was very good at making the badges so she became the class teacher and told her friends what to do. Abigail was very good at pulling the level down and counting to 10 to seal the badges. Come along to the disco where you will be able to buy a badge for 50p- a perfect alternative to the traditional Valentine card!

Valentine's Disco Badge-Making

The students in P16 have been busily preparing for their annual Christmas Fayre. They have been making a range of gifts for sale as part of their Asdan Mini-enterprise unit. Here is an exclusive preview of some of the goods on offer!
Robin Class went to Bath to buy their Secret Santa gifts. Students had to work out where to catch the train from, find the platform number and then find the platform at Temple Meads Station. Once they got to Bath, the learners split up into groups to buy their secret present for one of their class mates. They all had £5 to spend so they had to budget carefully and work out what they could afford to buy. It was a successful mission and the presents are now all wrapped up and ready to go!

Working in the VC Kitchen.... Making Bread!

Some of the students in Robin class work in the catering kitchen on Tuesday mornings, making food to sell to students and staff. This week we were making some bread rolls to go with the soup that was made.


Timetable Term 1 & 2

Team Workers!

Robin class worked together to coordinate all the forms needed for each student in every class in New Fosseway to design their own Christmas card. The students had to count how many pupils are in each class and then make sure every class had enough design sheets, leaflets and parents information letters. They used their problem-solving skills to keep track of which classes has completed packs and they even delivered the packs to class pigeonholes. Students used excellent turn-taking and communication skills to work as part of a larger team. We are now eagerly awaiting the finished designs!

Travel training

Some of the students in Robin class have been learning how to use public transport. They have learnt the number of the bus they need to catch to The Gatehouse and they know they need to show the driver they want the bus to stop by holding out their hands! They can show their bus pass or ask for a ticket to their destination. The students have all exhibited beautiful manners too! It won't be long before some of the students will be going independently and learning how to be a travel buddy for their friends. Well done Robins!

Mini Enterprise

Robin Class have started their Asdan unit on mini-enterprise. The students are designing and making items to sell at our Christmas fayre on Thursday 8th December from 2pm- 4pm. They have started with apple chutney. Some of the class collected apples, lots and lots of apples which they then had to peel to make the chutney. Here they are in action! The chutney tastes and smells delicious.....