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Welcome to Raven Class

Term 6

Hello again and welcome back to Term 6 - our final term for this academic year!  We have lots to look forward to such as: Fosstonbury, our 'Music through the Decades' performance, Transition Days and much, much more....  Certain activities have already started.  'Fish Wish' began in the first week back and already some of our Key Stage 4 students have been out catching fish and returning them safely to the water.  It has been a wonderful experience and, as you can see from the photographs, the students have been having lots of fun!  A big thanks to 'Fishing 4 Schools' without whom this would not have been possible.


Raven students joined with Owls today to complete the last day of the sailing activities.  It has been a wonderful opportunity for several Key Stage 4 students to experience the joys of sailing down at the city docks.  Three cheers for Lewis who even managed to win the coveted sailing award.  Special thanks to our teacher Cat who organised the whole thing!

'Dotty Day'

Monday 19th June 2017


Today at New Fosseway we learnt about blindness and how it affects people.  In Raven class we looked

at the life of Louis Braille and his system of writing for the blind.  We had a visit from Dave and his guide dog Chipper which was truly amazing and the RNIB came in to talk to us about their charitable work for the blind.  It was interesting and surprising to learn that everything is funded through charitable donations and they need over £50 million a year to fund things like guide dogs.  At the end of the day we had a 'Cake Sale' to raise money for this wonderful organisation.  Thank you to everyone who came in to school and special thanks to Billie for organising it all.

'Creative Arts Week'

12th June - 16th June 2017

What a week!  Raven students have had great fun making things such as banners, masks and outfits for the 'Fosstonbury Festiva'l on Friday.  In addition, we had a number of artists and musicians in throughout the week holding workshops in: Carnival sculpture which involved willow weaving a giant peacock; sea shanties, circus skills, Boogie Bounce, Bollywood Dancing, African Drumming and Textile Banner Printing. All of which helped our students with their own creations for the festival.  A special thanks to Rachel and Fran from the 6th Form who organised the whole thing. 

Fish Wish

Term 5

Welcome back to Term 5 Ravens!  Lots of interesting things going on for the next two terms - the 'All Aboard' initiative begins with some of our students learning to sail down in Bristol harbour; 'Humanities Day' is coming up on Thursday 4th May; we are expecting a visit from Puxton Park when we will meet some wonderful animals and see what they are doing at the centre and we are preparing for our musical performance as part of the 'Creative Arts' week. So, lots to look forward to and enjoy - welcome back everyone...


Friday 5th May 2017

Puxton Park Come to Visit

What a wonderful day!  Kate and Damien from 'Puxton Park came to visit us today and brought some very interesting animals with them.  Our students met a rabbit, a guinea pig, stick insects and even a cockroach - who knew how useful a cockroach is?  We also had a chance to handle a chicken but the star of the show was a fantastic hawk!  All of Raven students had the opportunity to hold each animal and ask questions and they were all genuinely excited as the pictures below demonstrate. So, a big thank you to the Kate and Damien and to all of the Puxton Park team who made this visit possible.

Humanities Day - 4th May 2017

As part of our 'Humanities Day' Raven class decided to be 'China'.  We made Chinese lanterns, dragons, showed examples of our study of China such as martial arts and calligraphy and we also made 'Chicken Chow Mein' which everybody loved!  Raven's students also had the opportunity to use their 'passports' to travel to other parts of the world such as Poland and Egypt.  It was a fantastic day and everyone enjoyed it very much.  Well done to all of our students!

Science Week

What a fantastic start to Science Week and thanks to Claire for organising this session.  Raven students had a wonderful 'hands on' Science Session over in the Bridge Main School site.  We tried some exciting experiments such as, ''Lava in a cup', 'Blobs in a Bottle' and we even built a 'Fizz Inflator'.  Our students were both excited and enthused by these practical experiments and we cannot thank Claire and her team for this opportunity.  It truly was an amazing start to our Science Week!


Key Stage 4 Christmas Dinner


On Thursday 8th December 2016 students from across our key stage came together to celebrate Christmas and enjoy a Christmas Meal.  Thank you to all our parents who contributed to this and thanks also to our students who helped collect our ingredients and then prepare it.  An enormous thanks also to our dedicated staff who worked tirelessly to help deliver the meal. It truly was a lovely, happy and fun festive time.  


Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you.

Raven class visit the Dental Hospital!

Raven class paid a rather nervous visit to the Dental Hospital.  However, any anxiety was soon eased as our students had the opportunity to sit in the dentist's chair and look at all of the interesting tools and equipment. A big thank you to all of the staff from the Dental Hospital who helped organise this visit - it was an extremely interesting afternoon!

Ravens visit the Dental Hospital!

Today Raven class went to visit the Dental Hospital.  Our teeth were on edge as we sat in the dreaded dentist's chair and looked at the different equipment and tools that are used to help us keep our teeth nice and healthy.  It truly was an interesting day...

Children In Need 2016 and Raven Class

What a fabulous day - every Raven class student participated and, with the help of one of our parents, managed to make some lovely Gingerbread biscuits!  Thanks also to all of our students, especially our very own 'Pudsey Bear' and Magician for dressing up and performing magic tricks. Raven class helped our school collect a great sum of money for this fantastic charity.  Well done one and all! 
Cup Cake Friday!
Cup Cakes - A big thank you to Lisa Coleman, a parent of one of our students, for coming into school and helping Key Stage 4 students bake Cup Cakes.  It was lovely to watch students learn how to prepare, bake and then decorate their cakes with icing and other yummy toppings.  Lisa expertly demonstrated what they needed to do and her enthusiasm and commitment was infectious.  Thank you Lisa for a wonderful day - every student had a cup cake and expressed their enjoyment with adjectives such as: scrummy, fabulous and fantastic!
PE: Basketball - Ravens Keeping fit and healthy!
The photos demonstrate how much fun our raven students have during their PE sessions.  They particularly enjoy basketball!
Key Stage 4 Raven Class 'End of Term Breakfast'
As part of our daily living skills work, Raven class prepared and served a breakfast for all of the students and staff across our key Stage.  The students decided which items to buy at the supermarket and brought it all back to school.  On the morning of the last day of Term , all of our Raven students and staff prepared and served the food and drink to our visitors.  it was a wonderful event which everybody enjoyed.  
Raven Class - Museum Trip.
As part of our Foreign Culture and Leisure and Tourism courses, Raven class paid a visit to the museum to study the different collections there, in particular, the Chinese porcelain and glass collection for our work on China.  It was such an interesting and useful day for us all.