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Parrot Class timetable 2016/ 2017

Creative arts week

Lacie had the head teacher award for coping with change and good talking. Well done Lacie!

Lacie had the head teacher award for coping with change and good talking. Well done Lacie! 1

Parrot Class have been exploring steel drums.

Sensory science afternoon. We explored forces, fizzy volcanoes, planting seeds and Flamingo Chicks Sensory Science.

We visited Wessex Water as part of science week. We had a tour of the factory, the nature reserve and we even did some pond dipping. Thank you to the lovely staff at Wessex Water for helping us. We had a fun day!

India theme morning. We experience dance, art and food from India. We had a visitor teach us about Indian cooking.

We have been learning all about the Saxons in History this term.

In MFL we have been exploring French vocabulary for the seasons

Parrot Class visit Bristol Zoo. We looked at all the animals and had an encountering session with some of the animals. Thank you for having us Bristol Zoo!

We visited the garden center. Look what we found there! Reindeer! We have been exploring reindeer in science.

Parrot Class visited the VC cafe. We made bread with Matt. It was yummy!

Dental hygiene week: We visited the dental hospital and explore how to look after our teeth in school.

We had a visit from the Sensory Science team. We flew on a rocket, met some aliens and even met the Queen. We explore space sounds and moving around in space.

We have been exploring movement and forces in science

We explored music from the different cultures of Parrot Class

We explore Bristol's history working on the docks and and mines

Parrot Class Visited the farm to look for hens from the story the Little Red Hen

In Parrot class we do functional literacy and numeracy. We use lots of different skills for this including money handling, weighing, cooking, requesting items using PECs, learning to be part of the community and problem solving.

Parrot class functional literacy and numeracy

In literacy and numeracy we stream groups, this term in numeracy we are learning about using and applying. We have been looking at numbers, counting, adding and taking away using different methods and resources.

Here is our numeracy group learning about using and applying

We have been enjoying using our senses during literacy when reading our new book for this term Hue Boy

Parrot class enjoying an afternoon sailing

Parrot class enjoying an afternoon sailing 1
Parrot class enjoying an afternoon sailing 2
Parrot class enjoying an afternoon sailing 3

This term Parrot class will be sailing at Baltic wharf  in Bristol.  

Parrot class is also learning reading Hue Boy in Literacy, a story set in the Caribbean. We will be making tropical pancakes, exploring seashells and moving to Caribbean music using brightly coloured materials.   

We have been settling into Parrot class very well. The pupils have settled quickly into the new class routines.


For literacy we are covering newspapers and magazines. To link with this, we will be looking at the 'True story of the three little pigs'. 


In Maths we are looking at 2d shapes, exploring different shapes along with their properties.


For our afternoon focus we have different sessions. The focus this term is: Science we are exploring electricity, D&T novelties, History Police, RE feelings through art, PSHE being healthy is fun. 


Please look at our timetable, which will show you all the subjects for this term.




I would like to warmly welcome everyone to Parrot class.  My name is Jess and I will be the class teacher for the children starting after half term.


Our lessons will be sensory, interactive and suited to the individual needs of the each child, but most of all learning will be fun.


Enjoy the half term break, I look forward to meeting you soon. 



Parrot class timetable