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Term 5


Several pupils in Owl class have been given the opportunity to try sailing, rowing and Kayaking with All aboard water sports. We Go on a Friday morning with other Key Stage 4 students, down to the Bristol Harbour. We have used sailing boats, row boats and Katakanus. There will be a mulit-school regatta on the 20th of June.


Pupils in Owl class have continued to use the shops in the local community to find our ingredients for cooking. This term the pupils have focused on the students using contactless payment to pay for items.


In Technology in term 5 and 6 Owl class will be learning about resistant materials. Pupils have the opportunity to use a hacksaw, hammer and a drill - with very close supervision! 


In daily living skills we have been washing cars and using natural cleaning products such as vinegar and lemon juice to clean with.

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Term 4


We are very lucky to now have Tiffany and Haley working with us!


Owl class have been busy this term. Imitating Eric Carle's 2D artwork. Our favorite activity was the large painting with our feet!


We have also found a new use for the living floor - when we do our arm exercises, it lights up! It looks really good when it's completely dark!


Owl Class also hosted a very successful tea party one Friday afternoon for all of KS4. Drinks were ordered and delivered to the table, there was a sound beam band / dance floor which providing relaxing music and some nibbles.


Owl class have also visited a Friend of Cat's who works in the galleries as a cleaner. He showed us where he works and what he uses. It was very inspirational! We also then enjoyed lunch in the food court.

Term 4 Photos

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Term 3 in Owl class


In cooking / technology sessions we are creating healthy soups. We began Term 3 by taste testing a range of soups; brand / non brand, can/fresh/packet mix. The clear favorite was Brand tomato soup. We then stared to create our own. The butternut squash soup I think was the most successful!


Every other week Owl class are visiting the city or a village to compare. So far we have found that the city has lots of cars, shops and people, villages have lots of cows and bushes.


We have also started focusing on mark making this term as part of our story writing in English. We are also reading a different sensory story from the 'Bag books' charity every week. Aladdin has been the best so far.


We have been preparing for a picnic for our Equals qualifications. We explored the school and decided on 'good places for a picnic' and 'not good places'. We also chose sandwich fillings and bread using symbols.


At the end of last term we said goodbye to one of our LSAs who is going to have a baby. We made her favorite cake - lemon drizzle and threw her a baby shower.

Term 3 photos

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Term 2 in Owl Class
In Maths we are learning about shape - 2D and now 3D. Callum enjoys looking and making squares on the living floor while hitting a wood block so each shape had a sound. Ethan can make a square from two right angled triangles that he found hidden in the jelly.
Thank you to all the pupils around the school that made poppies if different ways to remember the people who die in wars. When all the poppies were together in made a beautiful display. There was also rice to represent the British soldiers who died in world war 2 - there was nearly 8kgs of rice! 
Owl class are continuing to make healthy food each week. Last week we made egg fried rice and this week we made two types of fruit smoothie.We try to always send a small taste home for family to try - let us know what you think!

Term 2 photos

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Term 1


Hello my Name is Cat McCormick and I am the Owl class teacher this year. We are very lucky to have have George and Hayley from last year and some new LSAs - Emma, Sam and Fani. Owl class has had a busy term. We have all got to know each other and worked hard in all our subjects. 


In creative arts the pupils were really engaged with listening to classical music from well known films - can you guess the film by the description. For the first film, we made the room very dark, had our feet in foot spas and made ripples in the shark infested water on the living floor, we dropped fake blood in the water, a spotlight swept over us as the shark looked for its prey and the music was a bit scary.....It was Jaws! In the next film we floated magical bubbles around the room, we cast beautiful sparks across the living floor and put ingredients into a cauldron while listening to some magical music....Harry Potter!!


We now go shopping on a Monday morning at the local co-op for our healthy snacks for the week and cooking ingredients. We follow a symbol shopping list, scan the items and pay using contact-less payment which means we can be more independent.


English this term focused on a dog called patch going missing, a race around London to find him and meeting lots of celebrities on the way. We got messy with flour when we met Mary Berry, ate 'sheep brain' (jam) when we met Bear Grylls and of course bowed to the queen. All the pupils really enjoy starting English lessons by watching the ABC rap by Danial Radcliffe on you tube - check it out!


Term 1 photos

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OWLS 2015 - 2016

Throughout terms 1 and 2 Owl class have welcomed a new addition to our sensory learning in the form of the much anticipated 'Living Floor'. A fabulous array of scenes can now be projected on to the ground. This has enhanced a number of our new Equals topics such as 'Citizenship' where we are learning about and experiencing emergency services, Foreign Cultures  (focusing on France and Egypt) and Humanities (focusing on religions, worship and festivals) to name but a few. It has been a delight to see how well the students have engaged so readily with this new resource and we look forward to using it 'with bells on' at Christmas! Enjoy the photo's.