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Term 1


Term 1 in Owl class has been very busy! We have started the year with some new staff and students. Some pupils have moved up from Parrot class and have settled in well. For other Owls this is their last year at New Fosseway, so we are going to be busy making as many memories and as much progress as possible.


We now have targets for all our subjects, we are working towards qualifications in English, Maths and Equals subjects (see subject overview). We also have a jam packed timetable, with lots of opportunities for our young people to access the community and develop practical literacy and numeracy skills. 


Already this term we have had a trip with Parrot class to Leigh Woods with support from the Avon Forestry Trust. We had a great day experiencing the woods and taking part in forest school activities which we have been practicing back at school.

Owl class timetable - Term 1 and 2

Term 1

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Term 2


Some pupils went to Bristol Museum with Key Stage 4 and had a great time exploring the old artefacts. We also have a trip organised as a whole class to visit 'we the curious' which used to be called @Bristol.


In our 'Foreign Cultures' topic we are learning about African food. One of the African dishes we have made made recently is an Ethiopian starter or side dish using cooked spinach and cottage cheese.


Halloween was our assembly week topic. We discussed the safety aspects of cutting using sharp knives and used the cut pieces for apple bobbing


Planning is under way for the LDD to start after Christmas. The LDD is one day week where key Stage 5 students from the special schools in Bristol come together to do a day of activities to prepare them for leaving school. There will be a range of activities available for students to choose. Cat will hopefully be teaching Karate!


We have also been working hard in technology exploring different weaving and decoration skills, including tie dye. 



Today some of us went to look at the Treeest trees in St Mary Redcliffe church. While we were there we had some cakes in the cafe. 


Term 3, a short but busy term!


Owl class have started our new topics. In technology we are creating 'items for  the home' as part of our Equals qualifications. We have made prototype candle holders using play dough and then made the real thing using air-hardening clay. Some pupils use PECS (Picture exchange Communication) to request different tools to create a texture in the clay. In English this term we have been learning about the story of Hamlet - which involves a lot of fake blood. We also made 'poison' and wrote love letters using quills. In Maths this term we have been leaning about 'Calendar time' as a class we have focused on how many birthdays we have had and different times of the day - including breakfast. In humanities we have started our agriculture module with a trip to the garden centre to buy soil and seeds.

Term 3

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