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Osprey Class

Osprey Class 1
Osprey class has experience a forest adventure. We have learnt how to make a fire and use a sow, we have also explored woodlands and had a picnic.
This term our class have enjoyed science week. We have experienced different scientific experiments, which we liked a lot. 
We have been on two trips this term. On the first trip the class went to a farm in Blagdon to experience countryside life. On the second trip Osprey saw one of Banksy's work, the artist we have been learning about. 
Osprey class have been learning about different cleaning products and how to clean properly...
This term we have been doing different scientific experiments...
We have established a mini enterprise and made ghosts for Halloween. We then sold them around the school...
And had hot chocolate and snacks in the school's cafe with money we have earned. 
We have been also making a wall hanging, which we enjoyed a lot.