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Osprey Class

Osprey Class 1
This term students from Osprey class have been busy harvesting fruit and vegetables from our garden. 
As a part of daily living skills subject we have visited Witehall Garden Centre where we bought seeds and soil for our greenhouses and had nice lunch in the restaurant. 
As a part of community project students have made toys out of cardboard boxes for the local nursery. Students have enjoyed the activity and were really pleased watching nursery children playing with the toys.  

 Around the World in 80 Days/Gulliver's Travels



In English we have been looking at travel blogs as part of our topic ofTravel Writing, we have looked at the books Around the World in 80 Days and Gulliver's Travels. We have also spent time researching and reading travel blogs. Here are some of our travel blogs we have written about our trip to St Fagans. 

My trip to St Fagan’s - By Ryan James 

We looked around the place and it was old fashioned, it was Victorian times. In the houses there were old fashioned things. I liked the old houses. The old fashioned buildings had old things in side.


The Church

In the church there was a pulpit it was very old.




We really liked the church because it was warm, and we sat where the church choir sat. The walls and wood were blue and white.


The Tannery


  • A long mill at the back
  • It was mad of wood
  • There were lots of pits
  • The windows war on the side of the building


It took a long time to travel back to school. We were in Kristy’s mini bus back to school. 





Today KS4 went to see our tree that we made in St Mary Redcliffe as part of their Treefest celebration.

We looked for our New Fosseway School tree in the church and then  looked at all of the other trees.

We then voted for our favourite tree and posted our votes in the ballot box. We were lucky enough to hear some beautiful Christmas flute music and some of the choristers singing Christmas Carols. We then went to find the story of the Nativity in the stained glass windows. The students took pictures of all the trees and some of the church. The students really enjoyed it! so did the two from BLC who came with us as part of inclusion.

Students from Osprey class have been to Areospace Bristol, which is a museum in Filton. Students looked at different machines like planes, helicopters and engines. They also had a chance to go insode the Concord!. They enjoyed the trip a lot!