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Meet the Family Link/Transitions team

Picture 1 Joanne, Transitions Coordinator & Family Link Lead
Picture 2 Lorraine, Family Link Worker

We make up the Family Link Team, we play an important part in the relationship between home and school in supporting families on a wide variety of issues.  We work closely with all the Senior Management Team, class teachers, and support staff and outside agencies to help others to understand our student’s needs as well as those of their parents/carers.


We know young people achieve more in their learning and personal development when both home and school are working in partnership to achieve the same outcomes.


The aims of our work is –

  • To engage and build good working relationships with parents, students and colleagues working in school and other agencies.
  • To work holistically and effectively with parents/carers in ways that will improve their young person's and their family’s well-being.
  • Having a direct impact on learning by sharing ideas, resources and learning techniques to aid with continuity between home and school.
  • To provide relevant information about and access to, appropriate support services and opportunities that enable parents to have a greater awareness of such support available.
  • To plan, deliver and offer parenting support courses for groups and one to one support.
  • Talk with and support young people in school and encourage them through direct contact to be positive about their future at New Fosseway and beyond.
  • Help learners and families to increase school attendance and minimise absences.
  • Supporting families to attend meetings about their child and family.
  • To support young people and their families when transitioning through the school and beyond their time at New Fosseway.
  • To investigate and implement pathways of work experience and life skills opportunities for our students.


We are not saying that we have all the answers! But talking over a worry, no matter how big or small, or bringing it to our attention can make all the difference between families or school staff having a stressful day or a stress free day.


Contact Details:


Joanne -

0117 9030220 ext. 2103 or 2055



0117 9030220 ext. 2070