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Kestrel Class photos

Kestrel Class photos   1

Photobooth individual class pictures

PSHE Feelings pictures

In PSHE, Kestrel class have been learning about feelings. We have been looking at 
different feelings that we feel at different times. Can you guess what some of the feelings are in these 
pictures? We have also included a picture of the feelings words we suggested when thinking about our feelings. 

St. Fagans Trip


As a Key Stage we went to St. Fagans National Museum which is situated in Wales. This trip was a link to our Literacy Topic on the book 'Bleak House'. We looked around all the old style houses and learned alot about how the Victorians lived. 

As part of our feelings we have been looking at different ways to express how we feel. We used a programme called weavesilk and used different colours and patterns to create a picture.
We have been looking at composting and recycling as part of Equals this term. We spoke to the catering manager Matt and had a talk about what we can recycle and why it is good to recycle and compost.
As part of our team games Kestrel Class organised a pumpkin carving competition. The students designed their pumpkin designs or looked them up online. They then all helped as part of a team to scoop out the pumpkins and cut in the designs. 
Kestrel Class have been making wet felted balls during this session. They hve started with a very small ball and have built up their balls layer by layer using different wools including camel, sheep and alpaca. They have used the soap and the warm water with friction from their hands to felt the ball. They will be adding decorations to them, when they have made the felted ball solid. Keep an eye out on our page to see their progress. 

Around the World in 80 Days/Gulliver's Travels

In English we have been looking at travel blogs as part of our topic ofTravel Writing, we have looked at the books Around the World in 80 Days and Gulliver's Travels. We have also spent time researching and reading travel blogs. Here are some of our travel blogs we have written about our trip to St Fagans. 


My School trip to St Fagans

by Devonte Williams

We went on the mini bus to Wales, to St Fagans. I really liked the church because it was warm. There were doors where the vicar sat, they had locks and where the choir would have sat. The walls and wood are blue and white. There were two floors with really low ceilings.


The tannery



It had a large mill at the back. It was made from wood and they had a dog kennel. The windows on the side were very small.


On the journey back we beat Joe in the other mini bus. We past the other mini busses and it was really funny. When I was on the mini bus it was comfortable, we were chatting and the sun was making it bright. I think that more people should go to St Fagan’s because it is really good to look around.

Our trip St Fagans

By Kieran Hope and Moses Yango


When we get to St Fagans in Wales we get off bus. Red We went because we were reading Bleak House by Charles Dickens. We then went to get the key for the locker; we put our packed lunches and our bags in. We looked at we looked at lots of Victorian buildings. We saw the school it was pale green and small. The children wrote on slates.



We went to see the terrace houses, they are all joined together.

We went home after lunch it was nice and sunny. Our bus back to school first.

Our trip to St Fagans

By Rachael Lindley and Abigail Ross


When we got off the bus we were at St Fagans. We went inside the building. We put the lunches in the locker. We went into the grounds to look around the homes. We looked at Victorian houses. We looked at lots of different houses.


The Castle

We went to the castle it had lots of stairs to walk up. It had lots of buildings and the fountain in the garden. There were lots of rooms; it had lots of fire places.


The School

The school looked small and it was green. The teacher wore a black cloak.

The church had a pull pit where the vicar would stand the chapel was green the teacher she wore a black shawl.


The Church

It had one set of stairs and two floors. The church had a pulpit were the Vicar would stand. The Chapel was built in the Victorian.


The Terrace



The terrace is Victorian houses in a line. They were old and interesting. The terrace houses were dark and small. They had paintings on the walls and photos. Outside the houses, in the garden there is a toilet and lots of vegetables that they are growing.





Treefest Tree 


As part of our community praticipation, we are taking part if Treefest at St Mary Redcliffe. This is also a whole school RE activity. Ray and Devonte put the tree together following the instructions. 



Next bit of making our Treefest tree, today we painted the base of the tree brown, so you can see the trunk. 

This is some of Kestrel, Raven and Osprey Classes finishing the tree ready for Treefest. Please don't forget to go and visit it at St Mary Redcliff from the 6th to the 11th December 2017. We hope you like our student designed tree, if you do and you do go, please do vote for us as your favourite tree. A very kind thank you to all the generous parents/carers, students and staff who have donated for the tree. The scarves, gloves etc wil be donated to the homeless people of Bristol via the charity Emmaus. 


Today Kestrel Class teacher Claire and Owl teacher Cat took the Treefest tree to the church and put it in its spot ready for all to see. Please do visit the tree with friends and famils and do not forget to vote for it too as your favourite tree! 
So this also happened when we went to Treefest, oh dear elf on a shelf! 



Today KS4 went to see our tree that we made in St Mary Redcliffe as part of their Treefest celebration.

We looked for our New Fosseway School tree in the church and then  looked at all of the other trees.

We then voted for our favourite tree and posted our votes in the ballot box. We were lucky enough to hear some beautiful Christmas flute music and some of the choristers singing Christmas Carols. We then went to find the story of the Nativity in the stained glass windows. The students took pictures of all the trees and some of the church. The students really enjoyed it! so did the two from BLC who came with us as part of inclusion.


Chinese New Year 

As part of our Equals Foreign Cultures lessons we have been learning about Chinese New Year and the signs of the Chinese Zodiac. We learnt about the Jade Emperor deciding to call a race for the Zodiac animals and years. The first 12 animals to cross the river were in the Zodiac. We learnt which order the animals crossed in and why.  We all learnt that after Chinese New Year 2018 the year will be the year of the Dog. We learnt all about traditional celebrations for Chinese New Year and made some foods to try that are typically eaten during the New Year Celebrations. We made Fortune Cookies and wrote the fortunes to go in them. Here are some pictures of us making our cookies. 

KS4/5 International Day


On Friday 16th March, Kestrel class took part in International Day. Each class in KS4/5 was a different country/place our class was learning about the Dominican Republic of Congo. Moses' family are from there and we were very lucky as his Mum Niclette said she would love to come and talk to us about it. We were even luckier that she brought in some food for us to try. She taught us the names of the food in Lingala, the African language that she speaks, we were very impressed to learn that Moses speaks some of it too! We ate makemba, engwele, mwfmbwa, bitoto, mibishi, madesu and loso. We all thought the food was really tasty! 

During international day we also made pictures of masks, based on the Bantu Masks that are worn in important cultural ceremonies by the Bantu on the Congo river.