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Welcome to Kestrel Class!


In Term 5, we have been reading a text called Beatrice's Goat. We have learnt about life in Africa, which has linked to other areas of the curriculum such as learning about how the Earth will cope (thinking about the natural resources available to us, in geography). In PSHE, we have been learning about managing money. The highlight of our term was Humanities Day where we traveled to different countries to learn about other places, cultures, languages and history. We each filled in a Passport as we moved across different continents. 

Picture 1 Egypt! Humanities Day

In Term 4, we have been learning about World War II leaders in our History lessons. As part of our Art topic, we enjoyed a visit to the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. In English, we enjoyed reading Alice Through the Looking Glass and we had a lovely tea party as a key stage. The highlight of our term was visiting Bristol Zoo as part of Science Week; We got to meet, and touch, lots of different animals and insects. 

Picture 1 Bristol Zoo (Science Week)
Picture 2 Bristol Zoo (Science Week)
Picture 3 Alice Through the Looking Glass - Tea Party
Picture 4 Easter experience
Picture 5 Decorating eggs (Easter)

In Term 3, Kestrel class have enjoyed learning about Banksy. They enjoyed creating name 'tags' and using spray paint. We have also learnt about solids, liquids and gases in Science, making posters about gas safety and observing experiments. We have also enjoyed a trip to St Fagans as we have been learning about Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

In term 2, we are learning about World War II (the home front) in history. In ICT we are learning about  e-safety including how to stay safe using mobile phones and online. In Science, we are continuing our topic about light and sound, learning how light travels in straight lines. In RE, we are learning about Christian and Muslim Aid, which includes the Good Samaritan Story. 


In term 1, we have been learning about Coasts in geography. We are using our senses to explore the beach and how it is used. In Science we are looking at light and sound. We have enjoyed some different investigations to learn how sound is made and how it travels. In English we are studying Rumpelstiltskin and think he looks like an elf! We have enjoyed reading the text as a class. In RE we are learning about Islam. We have been thinking about books that are special to us. We are exploring the importance of the Qur'an and its teachings.