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Home school travel

Who is eligible?                       



Pupils are eligible if they attend the nearest appropriate school as determined by the Local Authority and the distance between home and school exceeds the statutory walking distance of two miles or more for pupils under 8 years of age and three miles or more for pupils aged over 8.


Pupils with medical problems

Travel support may be provided on medical grounds, on the advice of a consultant, to enable pupils to attend their nearest appropriate school even though they may live within the statutory walking distance.


School Choice

The Local Authority says that if you choose to send your child to a school which is not the nearest appropriate one, you will be expected to make and pay for your own travel arrangements.



In certain circumstances, pupils from low income families and in temporary accommodation will also be entitled to home to school travel. Some pupils with specific types of Special Educational Needs may also be eligible if their needs significantly hinder their ability to travel to school.


Check your Distance

You can check the distance from your home to New Fosseway School using the Walkit Website. Please click here for the Website. You will need to input your home postcode, and the postcode for the school - BS13 0RG. If you are over the statutory walking distance and New Fosseway School is your closest appropriate school as determined by the Local Authority, please contact the Local Authority.


Further Details

For further details and to discuss travel options, please contact the Local Authority Officer:-


Jacqui Price-Tippetts

Home to School Manager

0117 9037672