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In science we have been learning about gravity. We made parachutes and enjoyed dropping them from the balcony!
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Heron Class Timetable - Term 3

Children in Need

Children in Need 1
We had great fun raising money for Children in Need. We wore our pyjamas or pink to school and made and sold Loom Band bracelets.

In History we have been learning about the passage of time.

We have experienced school 100 years ago. It was very different to school now. Our teachers were strict because we weren't allowed to talk to our friends. We had to sit in rows and write lines which was very boring. If we were silly we had to wear a Dunce hat!

We also learnt about how children were entertained 100 years ago. We played with wobbly marble mazes and Tic-tac-toe. We found that we still play some of the same games, for example Dominoes and skipping.

The Fudge Factory, Bath

For our Design Technology project this term, Heron class have chosen to make fudge. We went to Bath to conduct market research and to learn how fudge is made. We visited two different shops, asked the makers lots of questions and bought some fudge to take home.

Heron Class Timetable- Term 2

In maths we have been busy learning about geometry. We have been on shape hunts around the school to identify familiar and unfamiliar shapes. We have created our own repeating patterns. We also learnt about positional language and created assault courses for the Bee-bots to navigate.

Language of the Term

Key Stage 3 have been learning about Poland as Polish is our language of the term. We have baked traditional Kolaczki (jam pastry) and Pierniczki (spiced biscuit). We have looked at Polish culture and created our own traditional headdresses, and recreated our own Wycinanki (symmetrical paper cuttings).


Key Stage 3 have been orienteering on a Friday morning. We have worked in teams to follow clues around the school and have practiced following a picture map.


This term we have been learning about materials in Science. We have sorted materials based on their properties, conducted experiments to find out which materials float and sink and started to look at reversible and irreversible changes. 

Heron Class Timetable- Term 1