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In music, Flamingo class have been exploring the tempo and dynamic. They explored different instruments, playing them fast and slow. 
In Flamingo Class, we explored how Easter is celebrated around the world. We painted our own Easter eggs and went on a Easter egg hunt around our school.  We also baked some Italian Easter bread and enjoyed decorating it. To finish the day, we used our painted Easter eggs in a rolling competition, to see whose egg rolled the furthest. 

 We hope that you have enjoyed the half term and welcome you back to an exciting term 2.

This term our topic is families. In Computing we are looking at our  Royal family, using switches and sound books.

In Literacy we are looking at instructional texts, numeracy shapes through lots of sensory exploration. 

We also start practising the Christmas play and learning to sign to 'We wish you a Merry Christmas'. 

Flamingo class fun

Welcome back to the new school year.

Flamingo class have been busy learning lots including floating and sinking, forces in science, and our local community.

We have learnt about famous people from Bristol including Banksy, Ardman and Brunel. This has been our topic for this term liked into art, history, music and ICT. 

Please take a look at our pictures of how much fun we have had learning all about our local community. 

Learning in term 1

Flamingo class enjoyed participating in the school's sports day, completing lots of different races. The children really enjoyed the short distance running, hockey and football races. 
This term, Flamingo class have been learning about the Olympics. We explored different Olympic sports, made our own Olympic torches and completed an Olympic torch relay across the school. We also made our own Rio carnival masks and had an Olympic cafe, where we explored different food from countries participating in the Olympics. 
Flamingo class enjoyed an afternoon sailing in Bristol, where they experienced being on the water and driving a boat. 

This term in Flamingo class, we have been learning about World War 2. We have explored air raid shelters and created our own air raid shelters in class. We also experienced a range of World War 2 cooking and food. Flamingo class enjoyed listening to different genres of music from the WW2 era, and experienced doing some swing dancing. 


This term we have been exploring the Romans. We have dressed up as Romans, created forts and shields, as well as looking at different types of Roman art. 
This term, Flamingos have been exploring Christmas around the world. We posted letters to Santa in the North Pole, and explored how the Victorians celebrated Christmas. 

Key Stage 1 Timetable

Flamingo Timetable Term 2

Flamingo class went on a trip to M Shed and enjoyed exploring the exhibitions. 
Flamingo class have been exploring French by travelling to Paris and visiting landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame. We also experienced French food by visiting a French cafe. 

Flamingos go to Cattle Country!


This term KS2 visited Cattle County to see the animals and have some fun.  The children from Flamingos enjoyed meeting the guinea pigs, sheep and goats.  Some of the children explored the water in a boat.  We all experienced the bouncy pillows and had a great day as a key stage.



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