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Eco Schools

2015-16 saw us achieve the woodland Trust Green tree Bronze award and become the only special school in Bristol to win the Bristol Green Capital 2015 schools’ Award.

2016-17 This year the plan is to up-grade our Woodland Trust school Award to a gold and renew our silver Eco school award. The first Eco school committee meeting took place in November with students from KS3 and 4 who are working together to ensure that our school is as “green” as possible. The first areas that we identified as needing to be assessed are recycling and electricity usage. The committee minutes are below. The committee will be meeting again in January.

Eco School Committee Minutes


New Fosseway is awarded SILVER!!


At New Fosseway our "Eco-Schools" project has reached Silver Award Status as it moves into the final year of a Three Year Plan.


Our recycling continues as an efficient and reliable system, with new KS4 and KS5 students taking over the role from several youngsters who graduated from New Fosseway in the summer. Watch this space as the new work force continue the good work and further develop our relationship with the Waste Team at Bristol City Council, and seek new and improved recycling bins from The Bridge Learning Campus and Skanska management teams,


COMING SOON: Undercover Eco-Police; soon KS3 students will be spying on every piece of litter and waste, as well as spotting every electrical light switch left buzzing-BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!


In new developments, Eco-Schools new theme this year is "People and The Planet".


"People" - At New Fosseway there will be a whole-school focus on building an active and thriving Healthy Schools program, further developing successful initiatives from last year's Healthy Schools Week. KS2 and KS3 have already begun their daily "Wake-and-Shake" sessions, as well as All-Abilities Cycling opportunities for EVERY KS2 and KS3 student. Staff well-being will also be a core focus of our Healthy Schools program.


"The Planet" - Students will be monitoring and improving our power and resource usage at New Fosseway School. There will be projects running throughout the year to support work in areas such as Energy and Water-so keep checking back -maybe you can help?


We will also be continuing to build our international link with Jadida School on Pemba Island in Zanzibar, East Africa. New Fosseway students will continue writing pen-pal letters through our literacy lessons, and eagerly awaiting responses! See our International Schools link for more information and for how you can join us in our International partnerships.




Below is the Eco Schools report from last year


At New Fosseway our "Eco-Schools" project is continuing to yield good results and also to move into new areas.

Our recycling has developed into a very efficient and reliable system, with several of our KS4 and KS5 students playing vital roles. As every class continues to recycle from their own class black boxes, which are collected by Matt and Billy and transported to our "mini-recycling centre" which we have set up in partnership with the Waste Team at Bristol City Council. We have even had our first few collections from the city-wide collections team! Jed and Guy are also responsible for emptying ALL of our waste paper bins, transporting them across campus to the BLC's paper and cardboard recycling facilities on a weekly basis. They have become very adept at their jobs, and are even beginning to stand up for their "workers rights" as they seek new and improved recycling bins to replace those that are currently in service. Watch out all waste contractors out there!

Our recycling facilities have also embedded themselves firmly in curriculum areas, where "safe" recycling resources have been used in whole KS2 mixed PSHE sessions. We have been identifying, sorting, and transporting recyclable and non-recyclable waste, as well as exploring all the resources we have on hand to help us with this. The future of the "Eco-Schools" workforce is in safe hands!

In new developments, our "Eco-Schools" project has moved into the element of "Global Perspective". We have begun to make an international link with Jadidia School on Pemba Island in Zanzibar, East Africa. Our Governor Les Fry has led assemblies to all Key Stages outlining the work he undertook at Jadida recently and how eager the students there are to learn about us. Unsurprisingly, New Fosseway students are just as keen to make friends-especially with the thought of our letters and mail getting to travel by airplane!! See our International Schools link for more information or how you can join us in our International partnerships.

With all the busy work that is going on, New Fosseway are getting ever closer to our goal of achieving "Eco-Schools Silver Status"-watch this space!